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Fat Bikes
By mountai4, Aug 28 2014 03:36AM
Whats a Fat Bike?

Fat bikes are made to ride snow, sand and other types of terrain, Fat bikes are equiped with large oversized tyres and rims. A specially desinged frame and fork is required to fit these behemoth wheels which some people call clown shoes!

As funny as they look Fat bikes are a hoot to ride and there for has seen a world wide insergance in popularity. Anyone lucky enough to ride one is amazed at just how much fun they are.

If you dont like being looked at a Fat bike is not for you as everyone you cross paths with will stare with bewilderment and give you odd comments like" what is that for"

So if you get the opportunity jump on one of these mighty steeds and have a bundle of fun.

By mountai4, Mar 5 2014 10:57PM
Sale now on, see instore for specials on selected bicycles and accessories

Rotorua trip
By mountai4, Mar 1 2014 12:16AM
After a fantastic trip to Rotorua late last year we are off againg this April with a group of Ten riders. We hope to get some great trail ideas for our local MTB Park which is in the planning stage at the moment.

Hi everyone
By mountai4, Mar 1 2014 12:10AM
Welcome everyone to mountain cycles new web page this site is under construction and will continualy evolve as we add products and services.